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Marble is one of earths most natural and timeless materials that stems from limestone nurtured within the ground. The elegance in marble comes from each piece holding its own unique characteristics within the surface face which can show variation in colour, tone and gradient direction. It is these raw and natural elements that create moods and influence rooms. 

Buying marble is a lifetime investment so we suggest these tips to ensure the longevity of your purchase. 

> Make sure you always move marble with care. Whilst although marble is heavy it can be subject to density variation so it is important you support your piece from the centre when moving it around your home. 

> For everyday cleaning use a soft cloth and warm, distilled water. If food or beverages are split on your marble try to wipe these straight away. 

> For dry cleaning and polishing use a shammy lightly to bring out the natural tones of your piece.

> Our marble is an extension of earth and naturally produced so remember to avoid vinegar and other acidic cleaners when cleaning.

> Our marble is 100% authentic and raw  which means it can be exposed to stains from the likes of red wine. If you are worried this could be an issue there are protective coatings that can be applied. Contact us to find out more at info@harpersproject.com